inne-projekty-polonia-w-norwegii_01Our project Poles with Camera/Poles in Front of the Camera is a series of meetings with Polish art and film culture, organized in the southern region of Norway – Østfold in 2014.

The main objective of the project is activation of Poles living in and around Fredrikstad as well as supporting the association of the Polish diaspora (The Association of Poles in Fredrikstad) in its activities in the area of promoting Polish culture, building image of Poles. Project encloses among others Polish film screenings with lectures, presentation of film music and film posters, as well as film workshops for children. It is also worth mentioning that the addressees and participants of these cultural events are both Poles and Norwegians.

Under this project, all films are interpreted as a very important sources of cultural identity for Poles living abroad as well as a source of knowledge about Poles for Norwegians. Film camera, whose secrets were uncovered by the participants of film workshops, was depicted as a tool, which reflects our experiences and relations with others, including formation of identity (national and cultural one) using audio-visual forms. Exhibitions of Polish posters and presentation of film music in public places (e.g. restaurants) were aimed at magnifying the strength of the projects. Promotion of Polish culture in such form for sure will foster stronger and deeper intercultural relations of the Polish diaspora with the hosting societies, that is Norwegians.

“Empowerment and Activisation of Polish Communities. Regranting” was co-funded with the funds received from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the contest “Cooperation with the Polish Diaspora and Poles abroad in 2014”.