In February 2018 we launched the ‘Audio description over the borders’ project, funded by the International Visegrad Fund and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Audio description (AD) means adjusting the visual content to the needs of the blind as well as persons with visual impairments. This time, we focused our attention on adjusting permanent exhibitions in Poznań Archological Museum and the Lviv Historical Museum – Museum – ‘Arsenal’, as well as in Stará Lubovňa Castle in Slovakia.

Each of these exhibitions is one of a kind and requires individual, special approach. Working on AD for museum exhibitions offers a unique opportunity for experts and representatives of organizations working for the blind and persons with visual impairments to meet. Among the involved organizations are Open Culture Open Art Foundation from Poland, Trnka SK/CZ, Apogeum from Czech Republic, as well as representatives from the Eastern Partnership – Ukrainian Organization of Handicapped in Lviv region, Future Starts TODAY from Georgia, MozArt Association from Belarus and INFONET Association from Moldova.

During the 5-day meeting in Poland and Slovakia, the experts participating in the project will tell us about implementing AD in their countries, share the best practices related to AD, discuss the room for improvement as well as possible problems and perspectives of AD in various countries.

The participants of the project will have the unique opportunity to cooperate on AD and solve ‘case study’ connected with AD and the exhibitions selected for this project. Such work will let them get to know each other better and draw from each other’s experiences.

Apart from the intense content-related work, such a meeting may be a perfect opportunity to find possibilities of cooperation in terms of adjusting culture and art to the needs of persons with visual impairments, which will be presented by one of HumanDoc Foundation’s employee at a conference session related to this subject.

The whole project will be crowned with the opening of exhibitions in three museums in three different countries. Summary of the experts’ work will be described in a special report prepared by all participants of the project.

List of organisations:

Poznań Archaeological Museum
Lviv Historical Museum
Castle Stará Lubovňa
Alliance INFONET
Open Culture Open Art Foundation
Future Starts TODAY