The project is a transfer of knowledge and experience of V4 countries and Belarus in opening cinematography to the visually impaired by using Audio description techniques (AD) in 3 countries of the Eastern Partnership (EP). This project gathers a group of local AD specialists, who are prepared to train independently new audio-descriptors. By creating and promoting the adjusted films with AD, the visually impaired participate in the social and cultural life of the 3 EP countries.
In EP countries AD is a new notion. There are no coherent AD regulations. This project connects organisations, who pioneer in AD techniques. They act on their own, trying to introduce AD techniques. So far, in Moldova one film has been adjusted using AD technique. In Georgia, due to lack of funds, AD is prepared only for old soviet films which do not require any license. In Ukraine only a few persons work in AD. Situation looks best in Belarus, where, thanks to prior activities of the applicant, basics of AD techniques were successfully introduced and the country can act as an expert. In all of the countries there is a dire need to professionalise the activities, improve the skills and work on coherent standards compliant with the EU standards.
V4 countries have long experience in implementing AD according to own standards. The example of the development and popularity of AD in V4 countries shows that it is just a matter of time when it becomes common in EP countries. That is why there is urgent need for training the specialists in the field.



HumanDoc Foundation

Foundation ‘Opening Culture and Art’

Czech Republic



Future Starts Today

Green Cross Society