as part of the celebration of European Year for Development 2015 “Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future”

27th September 2015 in Warsaw, within the scope of the project “European Year for Development 2015”, was created Global Education Town. HumanDoc Foundation used this opportunity to organise film and journalism workshops and screenings of awarded films from HumanDoc Festival.

Global Education Town, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was created on 27th September 2015 in Krakowskie Przedmieście Street in the centre of Warsaw. The stands – arranged as a cinema (HumanDoc Foundation), school, hospital, women’s club, local newspaper’s publishing house, sports centre, farm, tax haven, bananas’ plantation and orchard – were meant to help people go deeper into the global problems of contemporary world. Visiting the Town, the participants had the opportunity to get a closer look at activities which are undertaken by Polish NGOs, who implement their projects under the Polish Aid programme, as well as have a chat with volunteers, who shared their experiences gathered in various countries in Africa, Asia or South America.

While visiting our stand, the participants had the opportunity to take part in our film and journalism workshops. Playing the role of journalists or film makers, young people showed how they understand human rights. They also tried adapting a short film passage to the needs of visually impaired. As a cinema, obviously we couldn’t do without a film screening. “Aleppo. Notatki z ciemności” (eng. Alleppo. Notes from the Darkness), a film by W. Szumowski and M. Przedlacki, awarded with a Grand Prix of the V International Documentary Festival HumanDoc, provided us with many emotional moments.