Directed by Mateusz Mularski and Urszula Lakowska, 30 mins, 2012


Nueva Cua is a small town, 40 minutes by train away from Caracas. Neglected residential areas called “favelas”, where local gangs hold all the power, became one of the most dangerous areas in South America. Dominant gangs, fighting against each other, divided the town into influence zones. Multi-generational vendetta each year claims numbers of victims.

But we can encounter here also people with initiative, who are determined to change the reality around them for the better. A group of young sport lovers decided to create an alternative to violence. They decided to rebuild their devastated football pitch and open a sport club. Polish Embassy in Caracas helped finance this initiative from the financial means of development aid programme under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In May 2010 took place the first tournament between two antagonistic districts of Nueva Cue.

Sport in Latin America is not only a sign of physical strength, but also of personal development and relationship with friends. Football pitch very quickly took the status of cultural and sports life centre. It became also an peaceful oasis where friends and families from the town can meet.

Premiere took place in May 2012 on the local channel TVP