Directed by Urszula Laskowska and Mateusz Mularski, 30 mins, 2010


The film tells a story of life in Al-Amari refugee camp in Rammalach by the West Bank of Palestine. In the film we can observe everyday life of the camp’s residents, we get the chance to learn their story and hear about their problems and their dreams. This story is different from others in that region. It’s so exceptional because it doesn’t focus on the war or very complicated geopolitical situation. It’s a story about people, who despite unfavourable political situation do their best to make their dreams and ambitions come true.

It is also a story about Polish people, who go to this very dangerous place to live there and work for months, helping create normality in the world, where normality seems to have lost its place for good.

Project was implemented by Tischner European University and was co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the development aid programme 2007-2009.

Film produced by the members of HumanDoc Foundation was repeatedly emitted on such TV channels like TVP Kultura, TVP Polonia and TVP Kraków and had its screenings at many film festivals in the whole country. It was also presented by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in European Parliament in Brussels in its English language version. “Fencers for Palestine” opened also the 4TH Development Aid Forum, which is one of the biggest events organised each year by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Film is also used as teaching aid during lessons regarding Polish development aid by a few Polish NGOs. The material is available free of charge to everyone who has interest in popularising development education.