In 2016 we started a series of workshops in Audio Description and Subtitling for the deaf in Minsk in Belarus.
Project “Technological Advances in Adapting Information and Art to the Needs of Persons with Visual and Hearing Impairments in Belarus” was a continuation and development of the project from 2014, which introduced in Belarus Audio Description (AD) technique, that is technique of adjusting informative and cultural content to the needs of the blind. The aim of this project was to review the results of trainings in Audio Description and to introduce AD standards in Belarus. Moreover, the project aimed at introducing technique of adopting art, information, audio visual materials to the needs of persons with hearing impairments, using a special subtitling system.

Under the project from 2016, 5 sessions were conducted, during which the participants learnt about both techniques, as well as work on adjusting films and exhibitions to the needs of persons with visual and hearing impairments. Then, the ready scripts were recorded on DVD and sent to centres, which gather persons with visual and hearing disabilities. Belarusian audio descriptors also had the opportunity to learn how to prepare AD for exhibitions, films, theatre plays in Poland during the study visit in 2016.

Participants of the project work on everyday basis with persons with visual and hearing impairments. Thanks to their participation in this project, they acquired new skills and honed the competences gained earlier. This will enable them to work with subtitles and AD techniques professionally.

Project has been co-funded under the Polish Development Cooperation Programme by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Project co-funded under the Polish program of development cooperation
by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.