Together with a local organization “Merkuri”, we are helping women and their children start a new, safe life, without violence and aggression. We are able to do that, since we have created the first shelter in western Georgia for women and children, who suffered domestic violence. Women can find there the support they need in the crisis, gain some balance and start their lives over, free from violence.

Apart from a roof over their head, women in our shelter can also count on psychological, legal and social support. We don’t leave anyone without help, which is why the staff in our shelter runs a daily support center, where women facing violence problem, who don’t need to stay in the shelter, can get some advice from specialists. In order to act effectively, we cooperate with local police, social services and other non-governmental organizations.

We are helping women gain financial independence, so that they can leave their abusive husbands and families. We were the first in Georgia to prepare a system of vocational trainings tailored to the needs of our beneficiaries, thanks to which they can raise their competences, e.g. in computer, accounting, massage, gardening and stylists courses. Women, who graduated from there courses said repeatedly, that if it hadn’t been for the nice atmosphere and flexible schedule (the classes sometimes take place also on Sundays) and day care for children during the classes for their moms, the beneficiaries would never have decided to take the course.

Recovering from a problem like domestic violence, it is vitally important to receive the right support and solidarity while taking decisions, thanks to which women realize they are not left alone with the problem. Bearing that in mind, we have open Women’s Club, which is a place, where women can meet regularly, share their experiences, participate in workshops with a psychologist and other specialists.

Within the scope of the project, we cooperate also with some professional groups, who are included in the system of domestic violence prevention. 2016-2018, we conducted in 4 regions specialized trainings in the area of domestic violence for:

  • 100 teachers
  • 200 police officers
  • 80 health service workers

We have also trained a group of psychologists, who are now prepared for working with domestic violence victims, as well as groups of coaches, who are now able to conduct trainings in domestic violence prevention.

Teachers, who successfully completed our trainings, conducted in their schools actions aimed at raising awareness among children and their parents. A few thousands of people took part in these events. Additionally, in 2 radio stations our experts regularly ran auditions about domestic violence.

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