The deafblind are persons who have both visual and hearing disability at the same time. They are in a particularly difficult situation, as the sensory limitations which they are facing cannot be made up for using vision or hearing.

In 2018 together with our local partners, we were the first to kick off such activities in Georgia, which are aimed at creating a support and care system for the deafblind community. The system has been based on over 30-year experience of our experts from the Polish Association for the Deafblind.

Currently this topic is completely unknown in Georgia, and the awareness of the problem is close to zero. In order to change that, we have decided to open 4 support clubs for the deafblind in Tbilisi, Batumi, Zugdidi and Telavi. We conduct there educational workshops for the deafblind and their families. We organize also informative meetings for the local authorities and NGOs. Our clubs offer also modern equipment, which helps the deafblind in everyday life.
At the same time, we also focus on providing training to the local experts, so that they are professionally prepared to work with the deafblind community in the future.

In 2018, together with Polish and Georgian linguists we succeeded in creating a Georgian version of the Lorm alphabet, the so called “GeoLorm”. It’s one of the communication methods for the deafblind persons.

Georgian version of the Lorm alphabet (the so called GeoLorm)


 Telavi_opening – “Opening of the Club for the deafblind in Telavi – footage by TV Telavi”

Batumi_training – “Workshops in Communication Methods with the deafblind persons in Batumi” – TV 25 coverage


Development_aid_ EU – „Material by E. Zozuń, broadcast in the Third Program of Polish Radio 12.11.2018.”

Project co-funded under the Polish program of development cooperation
by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.