Since 2017 we have been conducting specialized trainings for psychologists in the area of providing support for domestic violence victims. Within the scope of the project, financed under the RITA program – Region in Transition, we took on the subject of working with the perpetrators.

This issue is rather new. The rehabilitation pilot scheme has been conducted in prisons for a few years now. However, nobody works with the perpetrators, who exercise violence, but have never been sentenced by court to imprisonment.

We have decided to offer Georgia our support, and in March 2019 we prepared specialized trainings for the psychologists, who deal with the topic of domestic violence in their work. The trainings were conducted by Anna Wołoszczuk from the Special Support Centre for Victims of Domestic Violence in Opole and Nino Tkeshelashvili, the head of the Georgian therapy program for the perpetrators of domestic violence at the National Probation Agency.

Jointly with the Ombudsman office, we have organized a panel discussion with experts about Polish and Georgian experience with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence, in which participated representatives of public institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Within the scope of the project we published a piece entitled “Work Programs with the Perpetrators of Domestic Violence. Polish and Georgian Experience”.
Project “Building the Basis of Therapy System for the Perpetrators of Domestic Violence in Georgia” is co-financed from the Polish-American Freedom Foundation funds under the RITA program – “Region in Transition”, implemented by the Education for Democracy Foundation.