• Directed by Urszula Laskowska and Mateusz Mularski, 30 mins, 2010 The film tells a story of life in Al-Amari refugee camp in Rammalach by the West Bank of Palestine. In the film we can observe everyday life of the camp’s residents, we get the chance to learn their story and hear about their problems and […]

  • Directed by Urszula Laskowska and Mateusz Mularski, 30 mins, 2011 The film was shot in Nicosia in 2010 – a small Georgian village that after the war in 2008 was one of the most severely devastated places in the country. Nicosia is 300 meters away from demarcation line, separating Georgia from occupied lands of South […]

  • Directed by Mateusz Mularski, 24 min. 2013 Civil war in Syria, since its breakout in 2011, cost thousands of victims their lives and nearly two million had to flee the country. Most of refugees settled in towns by the Jordan-Syrian border. Two Polish Caritas volunteers, Jacek and Rafał, visited one of these towns. Within the […]

  • Directed by Mateusz Mularski and Urszula Lakowska, 30 mins, 2012 Nueva Cua is a small town, 40 minutes by train away from Caracas. Neglected residential areas called “favelas”, where local gangs hold all the power, became one of the most dangerous areas in South America. Dominant gangs, fighting against each other, divided the town into […]

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