Global South problems, from the perspective of a Polish observer seem to concern rather remote parts of the world, but these are in fact our common problems. Our world is like one huge vessel, and the consequences of our choices, decisions, activities or negligence are bound to come back at us, just like today they are reflected in the global warming or the overflow of plastic.

Actions for Global South are in fact the activities for ourselves from the future. HumanDOC Foundation, seeing the bigger picture, is involved in projects, which bring real results. One of them is “Introducing Global Education to the Educational System for the Students of Journalism and Political Science”.

See, understand, act!
HumanDoc Foundation has been cooperating with Polish journalists and media, trying to balance and complete information presented in mainstream media, regarding global problems and challenges, contemporary conflicts, life in Global South. In cooperation with chosen editorial teams, we’ve been producing TV and online documentaries, which are available on our YouTube channel: HumanDoc TV. This way our foundation contributes to raising awareness about Global South. Now we are taking it one step further. Together with lecturers from the University of Opole, we have created in Poland innovative specializations, in order to sensibilize students to the problems faced by Global South.


From 2019, Political Science students will have the opportunity to choose Global Studies as their specialties, while students of Journalism and Social Communication – Film and Communication in Global World.

Most important project activities in 2019:

  • Editing and publishing an innovative, multimedia textbook, which enables teaching various topics from the area of global education and Global South in the course of Huminites.
  • Organizing conference focus on topics related to Global South, new specializations and the published textbook.
  • Informative and promotional campaign, aimed at presenting the results of our actions.

What exactly are the specializations we created?

Programs of these specializations take into consideration matters related to global problems, such as problems of access to water and food, sustainable development from the perspective of political and media science, as well as from the perspective of specific regions, particularly the ones of Global South.

How do we act?

We want our specialization to be conducted on the highest level possible, which is why we have organized a series of activities aimed at training academic teaching staff, who created the programs and who will conduct the classes in new subjects.

Action taken so far

In the autumn, we conducted a series of meetings and workshops with the experts working in the countries of Global South. Participants had the opportunity to listen and talk among others with an icon of engaged journalism, Jan Mikruta – a war correspondent and a host of international publicist program “A Day in the World”, as well as with Maciej Dachowski – a diplomat, member of international organizations, currently working on UNAMA mission in Afghanistan.

In November 2018, academic staff got to know up-close the living conditions of various social classes during a study visit in Jordan. The visit in refugee camps in Zaatari, learning about the local organizations, who work with refugees, visit at the University of Amma and a meeting with a specialist in the area of refugees’ minorities, are just a few examples of experiences, which combined with thorough study of literature influenced the teaching content of new specializations.

The new program has undergone the acid test during a study visit at NLA University College in Kristiansand in Norway. The Norwegian lecturers shared their experiences related to creating and running a similar kind of studies. An additional result of this visit was building a cooperation with the Norwegian University.

Our Donors

The Project “Introducing Global Education to Educational System of Journalism and Political Science Students” was co-funded by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Polish program of development cooperation.

Project co-funded under the Polish program of development cooperation
by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.