International Documentary Film Festival HumanDoc

Since 2010 we have been organising the International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC, which is first in East-Central Europe and third in the world event of such kind that combines both cinematography at the highest level and reflection about global subjects.

Pictures presented at HumanDOC Festival are real gems of documentaries and short and full length films, which present global interdependencies, problems and challenges. This festival is our world in a close-up: living for less than a dollar a day, fight against social exclusion, effects of climate change, international aid and conflicts.

This is a unique combination of useful lessons and pleasure: documentaries on the top level, social campaigns, debates and discussions. During the festival we present films full of passion and emotions, which draw our attention to the injustice in the world, make us sensitive and inspire us to take actions. They show that even being here, in Poland, we still are able to change the life of others for the better and help even in the most remote places in the world.

Films, which inspire us to think and let us rediscover the world!

Poland is among the 40 richest countries in the world. According to that international scale, we are a highly developed country. For a few years now, our country has not only been the beneficiary but also the giver of international aid. We spend nearly 2 billion Polish zloty annually. European Union spends hundreds of billions on support for Global South.

What does this mean? To whom and in exactly what way do we bring help? Why do we decide to support others, who often live in countries far away from Poland and Europe?

Globalisation to high extent has made many societies in many different parts of the world dependant on each other. It caused the problems of less developed countries to reach the level of global challenges. At the same time, the differences between the rich north (Global North) and the poor South (Global South) are increasing. Uncontrolled population growth and unemployment brings about dire poverty, famine and diseases. New conflicts break out and force richer countries to conduct expensive interventions. Excessive consumption contributes to exhaustion of natural resources and damages natural environment. These problems are just a few points out of the long list of challenges facing the contemporary world.

Are we doing enough to solve the problems? Are we able to control the situation? The United Nations defined the most important Millennium Development Goals, which should be reached till 2015 – among them we can find eliminating poverty. Will we manage to achieve that goal? “Global Development in the Cinema” Festival is a place, where we want to ask such questions and look for the answers.

Project was co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the scope of the Polish Cooperation for Development programme.