You might think that if you lived in Africa, you could see zebras, elephants or giraffes every day, but you couldn’t be more wrong. 95% of African children will never get to see a wild animal. There are only a few patches of land, natural reserves, where you can see now the picture of Africa which you have in mind.

One out of six (six! Only ten years ago it used to be three hundred!) last natural reserves in Zimbabwe are on the edge of abyss. The dictatorship of the president general Mugabe wrongfully deprives farmers of their land, animals in the parks are haunted by the armed poachers, while the reserve lacks basic equipment. But we are going to change this. We are going to save this place. Save Imire reserve in Zimbabwe – one of the most amazing places in Africa.

Imire is a reserve, which means it is a big piece of fenced land, where animals can live freely. Elephants, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, antelopes, rhinos… 1500 animals of different kinds all together. Within 50 kilometres this is the only place where we can encounter any animals. Because of that, Imire is constantly a target for the poachers. In Zimbabwe poachers are soldiers, armed with Kalashnikovs or .375 that kill everything and everyone on their way. All money generated by Imire thanks to maize plantations is spent on animal care. In Imire they always break even or live “below the line”. Animals are more important for people there, than their own life.

Year by year the situation is deteriorating. If we don’t help them, the animals will start to die and so will all people, who try to protect them. It already happened in Imire in 2007. An armed unit came and killed seven rhinos, leaving a few people wounded. This is the last call to save Imire.

That’s why HumanDOC joined the Tatende Action, run by Tomek Michniewicz – a journalist and traveller.

We are working together to save Imire, collecting money for the equipment and training for the managing staff of the reserve.

Support us and read more on: www.tomekmichniewicz.pl/tatende