logo-konkurs-fotograficzny-humandoc-500-jpgHumanDoc Proclub Photo Contest

The aim of the contest is to focus on how we perceive the variety in the world. We present photos by people, who are actively looking for positive aspects of social life. We show their relationships built in everyday life or during their journey. We want to promote and popularise positive values.

Each year the contest is divided into separate categories, among others Jasna Strona Kadru (eng. The Bright Side of the Frame) – the photos depict positive aspects of social life and values such as solidarity, responsibility, respect for others, tolerance and empathy; Świat Różnorodnych Szerokości (the World of Various Latitudes) – photos present pictures of places, people, and stories connected with different places on Earth, especially in developing countries.

In 2016 a new category emerged – Moja Polska – codzienność imigrantów i uchodźców (eng. “My Poland – everyday life of immigrants and refugees”, which brings closer the problems of immigrants and refugees in Poland.
The contest is organised by HumanDoc Foundation, Professional Photography Shop Proclub, Institute of International Relations at the University of Warsaw, European Commission – the Polish Representation.



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