Since 2013 we’ve been co-producing a series of documentaries by Paweł Naruszewicz and Jan Mikruta, broadcast on TV Polsat News. Documentaries, produced under the programme “To był dzień na świecie” (eng. It Was a Day in the World”), present some examples of global problems in the contemporary world and their consequences for people in some regions of our planet. These are problems such as global warming, lack of clean water, insufficient work places compared to the growth of population, human-caused ecological disasters, migration of people due to poverty. All documentaries present human actions, which aim at minimising the dangers. There is no certainty, however, whether they can bring about desirable, positive results, or not.

The first series was emitted in 2013, the second in 2015. It was on once a week, followed by a discussion in the studio during the programme “To był dzień na świecie” (eng. It Was a Day in the World”). This series was repeated at least twice on Polsat News and Ipla TV (belonging to Polsat Group) and uploaded online on their website

The documentaries are result of cooperation between Polsat News and HumanDOC Foundation and co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Polish Aid programme. All documentaries are also available on the Internet channel Polska Pomoc (Polish Aid) and the Internet website of Polsat News.

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