Have you ever wondered, how random information is presented to us in the mainstream media? Yet, the full picture of the world is a necessary condition to be able to take real actions. We have started searching for tools, which on the one hand would provide us with comprehensive answers, and on the other hand, would be attractive for a wider audience. We know from our experience that pictures speak louder and more clearly than words.


Peru – children of the street

There are children, for whom the word “mum” rings no bells. They have no home, no ID, no perspective for a better life. Instead, there is poverty, violence, uncertainty about tomorrow. Are these children even allowed to dream?

Georgia – Living in a Province

25 years after transformation, the once blooming regions weakened. Some of them lost even half their residents within 20 years. How much does fulfilling one’s dreams cost? And is it worth it?

Cambodia – Textile Industry Workers

Cambodia is one of the largest sewing factories in the world. Check, how much your pair of jeans really costs and how huge the discrepancy between the splendor of the fashion world and the life of a seamstress is. 

Lebanon – Syrian Refugees

Why do Lebanese people strive to obtain a Syrian passport and pretend to be immigrants in their own country?

Tanzania – Solar Power Fighting Poverty

This story is a lesson for the Global North on how to use renewable sources of energy, in order to fight off poverty effectively and stop the destruction to the nature.

Malta – Immigrants from Africa

Pharmacists, engineers, educated people flee their homes to protect themselves from regime and starvation. Malta was supposed to be a promise of a better life. Instead, it turned out to be a prison.

Burma – Transformation of Change

After 50 years of military dictatorship, the generals changed their uniforms for suits. The Nobel Prize laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, who spent 15 year under house arrest, is now a Member of the Parliament. Is that enough to build democracy?

Refugees’ Life in Jordan

Zaatari. The biggest refugee camp in the world. A state within a state. Tents have been exchanged into containers. There is electricity and sewage system. Yet still, many refugees try living outside of the camp, having less than 20 dollars per month. Why is that?

Kenya – Unequal Benefits from Economic Growth

How is that possible that in a country, which is shining among the statistically best developing countries, around 20 million people are out of work? On the other hand, there are serious problems with access to drinking water. Where does all the income go, e.g. from the tourism?

Moldova – Social Consequences of Economic Emigration

A decade ago in Poland, such notions like “euro-orphans” were very popular, as some of children had only one parent – the other one was working abroad. In Moldova, every second child is raised in an incomplete family, as parents work away from home.

Immigrants from Africa

Being just 2 kilometers away from the border with longed-for Europe… What will be the finale of three-year journey for a better life??

Women’s Situation in Georgia

 – Georgia owes its survival to women – says the heroine of the documentary. Does Georgia appreciate the power of women today??

Kirgizstan – Access to Drinking Water

If you were a few-kilometer hike through the mountains from a source of clean, drinking water, would you take the challenge, or would you drink tea made from water from contaminated source?

Uganda – Demographic Explosion

– I’m dreaming of building my own house. I will manage, with God’s help and my hard work – says Barbara, one of the characters pictured in the documentary. What will happen with Ugandan people, whose population is growing much faster than development capacities of their country??

Maldives – Consequences of Global Warming

Paradise islands are drowning. Is there still a chance to save the natural treasures? What is going to happen with people, whose houses will go under water? Is building an artificial island a good solution?

Chernobyl – Consequences of the Nuclear Disaster

What is happening in the contaminated zone? Is there something we should fear?  

Domestic Violence in Georgia

In 2016 in Georgia, 25 women died because of domestic violence. Finally, the government changed the law, according to which domestic violence is a crime – not just a minor offence, as it used to be in the past.


Boys of Nueva Cúa

Favelas are associated only with violence. Dominating gangs, fighting each other, divided the city into invisible influence zones. The multigenerational vendetta takes each year its toll. But even here there are people with initiative – determined to change the existing reality for the better.

Desert Stories. Colors of Memories

The civil war in Syria began in 2011. It killed tens of thousands victims and nearly two million people had to flee their country. Can two volunteers from Poland help Syrian children build sense of security?

Fencers for Palestine

A story about life in the  refugee camp in Al-Amari in Ramallah on the West Bank of Palestine. It’s not another story about war. On the contrary. It’s a story about dreams and the road to their fulfillment. Give in to your passion.

Let There Be Peace and Bread

Small, Georgian community lives in a shadow of Russian troops, stationed nearby. They are just 200 meters away from the demarcation line, which separated Georgia from the occupied South Ossetia. 300 meters away from the fear and stress. Can you still hope, living in such a place?