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HumanDoc Foundation creates innovative and effective systemic solutions. We act in Poland and abroad. We support developing countries, educational systems; we provide humanitarian aid and help implement social policy. Seeing real and tangible results of our actions, we build and introduce further concepts with more confidence. We are confident, we are capable of doing even more.

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The main idea of our activities is filling systemic gaps. This is why we act within unlimited scope, both in terms of project concepts and latitude. We implement project related to development and humanitarian aid and global education. We also conduct activities in the area of film and TV production.

Sustainable Tomorrow – Project for the Future (of Education) in Poland

HumanDoc Foundation goes on raising the quality of education in Poland regarding the most up-to-date issues of global dimensions. This time, together with our substantive partners – universities from Poland (the University of Warsaw, the University of Opole and the University of Wroclaw) and abroad (from Iceland and Norway) – we are working on a new subject in the field of sustainable development. This will be the first course of this kind at Polish universities, which is a response to the gap in terms of sustainable development in current education system.

Polish-Belarusian Support and Integration Center / Польска-Беларускі Цэнтр Падрымкі і Інтэграцыі

Polish-Belarusian Support and Integration Center is a place providing comprehensive informative and supportive services for the Belarusians who came and are staying in Poland for political reasons.

Польска-Беларускі Цэнтр Падрымкі і Інтэграцыі – гэта месца, якое прадстаўляе комплекс інфармацыйна-дапаможных паслуг для беларусаў, якія прыехалі і прыязджаюць у Польшчу па палітіычных прычына

COVID-19 in Poland: Not for everyone home is a safe haven 

We’ve been receiving disturbing information from all around Poland about some negative aspects of isolation, which, on the one hand, gave the perpetrators of domestic violence the feeling of impunity. On the other hand, due to general frustration, domestic violence appeared at homes, which never experienced that problem before.

The New Home – Shelter for women and children in Georgia

Georgia. A country attracting many tourists, where in its modern capital automatic food dispensers for stray dogs have been placed. Here, in 2016, 25 women died as a result of domestic violence.

In silence and in darkness – we stand by deaf-blind

Have you ever wondered, what if feels like to lose your eyesight? What is more, not to be able to hear, what’s happening around? To never hear the voice of your mum? Your own child?

Innovative project for Polish students about Global Education

The goal of Global Education is not only its obvious scientific dimension, but skilful presentation of ample data, combining facts and offering analytical look at all information regarding our contemporary world.  


In HumanDoc we know, what power a picture may carry. We produce involved reportages, which shape the audience’s attitudes through the characters’ emotions. We show the world of various dimensions. We combine the global education with building awareness of own identity, both in the local and global context.

Refugees’ Life in Jordan

Cambodia – Textile Industry Workers