humandocHumanDoc Foundation has been active since 2010 and has been working on projects in Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Venezuela. HumanDoc’s activities are focused around educational, cultural, informational and promotional issues, combining elements of media and art with social perspective and international and global context.

Our activities are aimed at building and raising the social awareness about such issues like global education, popularising knowledge about global interdependencies, international relations and international aid, contemporary armed conflicts, respect for human rights, European integration, democratisation and developing contact and cooperation between communities. We support imparting knowledge, values, developing skills and shaping attitudes that help reduce poverty in the world and build a fair global community.

HumanDOC Foundation strives to achieve these goals through organising multiple cultural and educational events (festivals, meetings, workshops), media projects (documentaries, film reports and social campaigns), conducting CSR activities in cooperation with our private sector partners, as well as through media counselling and supporting media initiatives, such as media projects, preparing media campaigns, producing documentary films, press and television reports, radio programmes and social ads. We conduct media informational and promotional campaigns, touching upon social issues.

We also assist representatives of NGOs, Corporation foundations and other socially involved stakeholders to develop their media competences. We conduct trainings in such areas as: media education, cooperation with media, using media to build own image.