HumanDoc Foundation was established in 2010. Its main areas of work contain promoting knowledge about developing countries through means like media, art, new technologies, and educational activities; introducing new solutions for the support of social development and promoting entrepreneurship. Moreover, Foundation specialises in the issues connected with the availability of culture for disabled people and promoting Polish cultural heritage abroad, especially among Poles who live overseas.

Using our international experience, we cooperate with schools to support them in multicultural education. We also help the school communities which consist of children coming from many different countries.

What distinguishes us is our team of professionals who not only have deep expertise but also years of experience thanks to working in particular regions. Both in Poland and abroad, HumanDoc Foundation conducts projects which introduce innovative systemic solutions in social politics among post-Soviet countries.

So far, we have been conducting our projects in countries such as: Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan , Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Peru, Cambodia, Myanmar and Tanzania.

Years of experience and practice are exceptionally useful in consultations and analyses as well as media consulting. This gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge with entities interested in studies, analyses and expertise regarding social politics as well as economics. We cooperate with clients such as NGO’s, diplomats, private companies and TV channels.

We also achieve our goals by organising cultural and educational events (festivals, meetings, workshops), supporting media projects and initiatives (documentaries, Tv and press reports, social campaigns, photo essays, radio broadcasts, social advertisements), conducting CSR actions in co-operation with private partners as well as through media consulting. We also conduct information and promotional campaigns in media.

For 7 years, HumanDoc has been partnering with Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work on the development projects connected with social, economic and political issues around post-Soviet areas.

The foundation regularly cooperates with Polish and foreign organisations of public administration such as: Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Interior and Administration, Polish Senate, Polish Film Institute, European Commission Agency in Poland and Polish embassies.