HumanDoc Foundation has been acting since 2010. The Foundation, using media, art, new technologies and educational activities, promotes social topics, knowledge of developing countries and implements new solutions, which support social development and entrepreneurship. Foundation specializes in the areas related to culture and art accessible and available for the disabled as well as to promotion of Polish cultural heritage abroad, especially among Poles living outside Poland. Using international experience, we get involved in cooperation with schools, as a way to support multicultural education, as well as in helping school communities, where foreigners’ children receive their education.

What distinguishes HumanDoc Foundation is its highly professional team of experts, who combine solid grounds and subject-matter knowledge with long practical experience and activities conducted in various regions. Both in Poland and abroad the Foundation has been conducting projects, which introduce innovative systemic solutions, especially in the area of social politics in the post-soviet countries.

So far, the Foundation has carried out its activities in Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Peru, Cambodia, Myanmar, Tanzania.

Many years of experience and putting knowledge into practice have proven very useful in consulting and analytical activities as well as in media advisory. Thanks to these crucial components, the Foundation has the opportunity to share its knowledge with entities interested in detailed analysis and expertise regarding the social, political and economic matters. The above-mentioned services have already been used by non-governmental organizations, diplomats, private companies as well as TV stations.

We reach our goals by organizing cultural and educational events (festivals, meetings, screenings, workshops), media projects (documentary films, reportages, social campaigns), CSR activities in cooperation with private partners as well as by media advisory and supporting media initiatives in the area of: creating media projects, preparing media campaigns, producing documentary films, TV and press reportages, photo-reportages, radio auditions, social advertising. We conduct informative and promotional media campaigns with social undertone.

For 7 years now HumanDoc Foundation has been a partner of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has successfully implemented developmental aid projects in the territory of the former USSR, touching upon social problems as well as political and economic transformation.

The Organization cooperates also on regular basis with Polish administrative organs, such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Interior and Administration, Senate of Poland, Polish Film Institute, The European Commission Representation in Poland and Polish Embassy.