Let’s deal with
domestic violence!

Let’s deal with domestic violence!

We make the lives of women and children who have experienced violence easier. See what we do and how you can join us.

For several years, we have been working actively to ensure that domestic violence is recognized quickly enough and that people who have experienced it receive comprehensive help. To continue our projects, we need financial support.

What YOU can do:


  • Clean out your closet and join our CLOTHES TO GIVE AWAY campaign. You don’t pay anything for it!



  • Shop online at FANIMANI.PL and choose our organization so that we receive the donation percentage specified on the website. You do not incur any additional costs!



  • Make a donation on our website. In the transfer title, write: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.
What WE will do:
  • We will continue to run Women’s Clubs in seven Polish cities – safe spaces where women can share their experiences and receive support.
  • Our mobile teams of specialists will continue to visit the homes of large groups of migrant women and provide them with the necessary assistance.
  • We will improve a free e-learning tool for law students and all people who want to develop competences in domestic violence.