Since Russia attacked Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022, over 6 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed the Polish border. Some of them fled further, while some of them went back to Ukraine. Over 1 million people (93% of whom are women and children) decided to stay in our country. At the moment, it is the biggest migration crisis in the world and the biggest challenge for Poland since the collapse of communism.

Thanks to cooperation with other NGOs, doctors, psychologists, lawyers, social workers and volunteers, the HumanDoc Foundation has helped thousands of Ukrainians so far.


Integration centres for refugees

In Opole and Warsaw we have organised a safe, homely space where our beneficiaries can meet, exchange experiences, learn Polish, send their children to educational classes and adapt more quickly to their new situation.

Legal and Vocational Support Centre in Warsaw

A team of Ukrainian lawyers with knowledge of Polish law and regulations helps in all matters faced by newcomers: from legalising their stay to setting up a business in Poland. One can apply for help locally and online.

Evacuation of civilians

We mainly rescue women and children from eastern Ukraine, from areas under the heaviest attacks by Russians, close to the front line (Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Kherson)

Homes for refugees

We provide evacuees with comprehensive care: housing, food, hygiene items, medical and psychological care, assistance from social workers.

Mobile assistance

We support local authorities in running the collective accommodation centres. We activate the refugees who have been staying there for many months and provide them with psychological support. We share our many years of experience with those who run the centres.

The war will only end if we stand in solidarity.

Thank you for your support!

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